Live Event Art

A truly memorable, fun and unifying art performance to capture the essence and magic of weddings, barmitvahs, birthdays and life celebrations into a stunning personalised piece of contemporary art that lasts a lifetime.

Interactive Performance Art: Infusing Energy and Intention

As the artist, Kellie channels the energy of the moment and the intentions of the celebration. It is an immersive and interactive experience as Kellie paints live encouraging you and your guests to be involved in her process.

"I allow the energy to flow through me and onto the canvas and guide you and your guests to do the same. Layer by layer, the artwork comes to life, mirroring the music, theme and vibe that you desire to create. The result is a personal, bespoke artwork, intricately woven with the energy and intentions of your special occasion."

A Personal Bespoke Artwork:

To ensure that you will love your finished painting, Kellie will collaborate with you prior to the event in order to understand your intentions for your artwork and the experience.

The final artwork is a one-of-a-kind, high quality contemporary artwork of meaning to you. This vibrant piece will fill your heart with joy and remind you of your special event every time you look at it. It would also make a perfect gift list idea or surprise present.

Creating Lasting Memories:

The live art experience becomes a dynamic and unforgettable element of your event, captivating guests as they witness the creative process unfold before their eyes. The completed artwork serves as a cherished memento and a visual reflection of the love, joy, and celebration that permeated the space that night.

Professional finish: 

Your artwork is completed with finishing details and embellishments back in her art studio and then shipped to you after the varnishing/drying process. Professional framing options available.

Book Your Live Event Art Experience:

"Allow me to be part of your special day, capturing the frequency of the love, magic and joy that surround you. Whatever the celebration, I am dedicated to creating extraordinary artwork that embodies the heart and soul of your event".

Contact Kellie now to discuss your event and reserve Lovescapes live art performance that will elevate your celebration to new heights.

Let's Create Magic Together!

Hello, Creative Soul! I'm here to support and uplift you on this inspiring journey of art and self-discovery. Share your dreams and aspirations with me, and let me channel a bespoke artwork that celebrates the beauty of your soul or an artistic experience to unleash your inner artist.

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