Private Sessions

Private Sessions


Do you have a deep yearning for painting and need guidance to unlock your inner artist? Perhaps you feel emotionally blocked or have difficulty expressing your emotions in a safe and healthy way. Are you navigating a challenging period in your life and want to access your higher wisdom for guidance? Are you an artist who wants to free up their painting process to create work that is more authentically you?

Whatever has led you here, trust that your soul is calling you to this experience as the next step on your path. My unique 'Painting Alchemy' process will help you access what is inside of you and transmute that into inspiration for your life and art.

What you can expect in Painting Alchemy 1:1

I create a safe space for you to feel grounded, connected, and liberated. You have everything you need inside of you, it is my gift and expertise to guide you to access it. I tailor my 2 stage process to your energy and intentions and lovingly guide you to paint from your soul. It is about responding with what is true for you in the moment and feeling your way through, allowing your body to lead, while remaining open to the mystery.

This 1:1 experience is more than painting. It is emotional alchemy. It is a moving meditation. It is liberating and empowering. It is self-love in motion. It is channelling higher wisdom.

The process is healing on an emotional and energetic level, resulting in an internal shift or transformation. You will discover a way to paint to release your authentic voice and develop your visual language. You will gain confidence to explore your own painting techniques. Your resulting painting will have deep meaning to you and become a powerful manifestation tool.

In this 3 hour bespoke experience, you will receive:

  • Deep dive into my unique 'Painting Alchemy Process'
  • Channeled meditation for you
  • Learn how to commune with your painting
  • Access to all my painting materials and tools
  • Guidance through every step of the journey
  • Canvas size: 60x 60 or 80 x 60 cm
  • Healthy snacks and refreshments

Let's Create Magic Together!

Hello, Creative Soul! I'm here to support and uplift you on this inspiring journey of art and self-discovery. Share your dreams and aspirations with me, and let me channel a bespoke artwork that celebrates the beauty of your soul or an artistic experience to unleash your inner artist.

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