About My Work

Intuitive Energy Artist

Kellie, an intuitive energy artist, weaves the inner and outer realms, channeling contemporary pieces of art. Despite excelling in art from a young age, she prioritized academic achievement, choosing a path in Neuroscience over art college. Following her graduation, the tragic loss of her father in horrific circumstances became a catalyst for profound self-discovery and her soul’s journey back to art.

In this transformative process, Kellie discovered that she channels through paint. Each abstract piece carries codes of creation, received as messages during communion with the artwork. 

Commissioned Art

Kellie extends her channeling abilities to create personalised artworks for others, integrating past experiences with their life visions to activate their souls.

Live Event Art

Her evolution also gave birth to a unique art concept—live painting at weddings and private parties. By translating the frequency of love and unity at the event onto canvas and involving guests, the resulting 'Lovescapes' become perpetual sources of love, emitting their energy into the homes and lives of her clients.

Witnessing the power and potential of these artworks to empower individuals and unify a group led her to create an experience tailored for organisations, whether at a corporate party or an away day. Kellie collaborates with her client’s to capture the essence of a company's ethos and vision for the event, with the energy of their employees, to result in an inspiring high vibrational and relevant artwork for their office.

Creative Guide

Kellie believes that painting is a language of the soul accessible to all who are curious. Her 'Painting Alchemy' process guides others to connect with and heal their souls through paint.It is my belief that my artwork can move you to connect with your body, your emotions, your soul, your truth and your deepest desires and serves to uplift and inspire you to reach your full potential.