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Commissioned Art

Commissioned Art

Dear Beautiful Soul,Welcome to 'Soulscape', a transformative and collaborative art experience that delves into the depths of your being, capturing the essence of your soul's journey and translating it onto canvas through the alchemy of paint and intuition.

The Artistic Alchemy

I, as your artist and channel, will embark on a spiritual journey to connect with you on a profound level, beyond time and space. Your energy becomes a tangible force, inspiring every brushstroke that I carefully apply to the canvas. This creative exchange of energy between us is the heart of the artwork's inspiration, making it truly unique and personal to you.

The Process

Using the alchemy of intuition, colour therapy, and interior design, I will weave your soul's essence into a bespoke piece of art. Expressionist and abstract in style, the painting will convey a powerful message in a language known only to your soul. Over time, its true wisdom will reveal itself to you, allowing you to connect more deeply with the artwork in your space.

The Magic of Collaboration

This artistic journey is a joint effort; you are an essential part of the process. By collaborating in the creation of this artwork, you infuse the stamp of your spirit into your home. Through the painting's brushstrokes, I will express your deepest desires, feelings, emotions, and creative expressions, revealing who you truly are at your core.

What You Will Receive

Original Artwork: You will receive an original mixed media artwork on high-quality gallery canvas, custom-sized to your preferences. This piece will be a visual representation of your soul's imprint, a testament to your journey and the lessons that await your soul's expansion.

Soul's Truths and Guidance: Alongside the artwork, you will receive a written piece and/or audio that captures the messages and insights I received during the painting process. These revelations will provide profound guidance and resonate with your soul's essence.

Guide to Communion: To deepen your connection with the artwork and, consequently, your soul's purpose, you will also receive a guide on how to commune and work with your painting. By understanding and embracing its wisdom, you will unlock the magic within.

Let the Magic Unfold

This commissioned art service is an invitation to embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation. By commissioning "Your Soul's Imprint," you are inviting a piece of art that not only energizes your physical space but also touches the depths of your soul.


As each artwork is a unique collaboration between souls, the Price Guide is available upon application. To explore this extraordinary opportunity and receive more details, please email me at [email protected]

Let us come together, artist and soul, to make magic on canvas, capturing the essence of your being in a powerful artwork that will forever remind you of your soul's purpose and truth.

With love and creative energy,

Kellie Ahl

Let's Create Magic Together!

Hello, Creative Soul! I'm here to support and uplift you on this inspiring journey of art and self-discovery. Share your dreams and aspirations with me, and let me channel a bespoke artwork that celebrates the beauty of your soul or an artistic experience to unleash your inner artist.

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