I’m Kellie. Im a Painter, Dreamer, Seeker, Creative Spirit, Soul Adventurer, Permission-giver, an Uplifter and Inspirer.

You and I are the same.

Youre searching.

I am on the same path but I have found a way to navigate the journey.

Youre ready.

Come with me as we embark on the adventure of your Soul.To explore with curiosity and child-like wonder at all that makes you come alive!

You desire to follow the path of your heart, the song of your soul, the power of your Femininity and claim your Divinity; your birthright that is joy.  

You crave to be fully expressed, seen, heard and felt.  You want to embody the experience of life in every cell.

You are drawn to creativity.  You do not need to see yourself as a Creative or an artist but somehow you know that creativity and art will open you up to your inner wisdom and infinite potential and pull you from the false constraints of society and your life to explore what is possible and come to know your truths as the truth.  

You desire more intimacy in your relationships including with yourself.

You want to feel connected to the seasons and nature; you know deep down there is innate magic and wisdom in their guidance.

You desire to explore and deepen your relationship with YOU so that you may come to hear, honour and trust your intuition and follow her call.

She is calling you.

I am calling you.

We both know that this is your time now to finally fill yourself up with the juices of a life fully experienced and in alignment with what is inside of you.  One where you allow all your emotions to be felt and desires to be owned and in which you are there for you whilst being supported by a community of like-minded and like-souled Sisters.  

You want to explore your own edges and play beyond your comfort zone, you know the greatest gifts are waiting there for you to claim them.  

You desire to play!

Beautiful Woman, you do not need to do life alone or as anyone other than who you truly are!  You can be who you came here to be. Claim that. Drop the restrictions you place on yourself.  Choose you. Now is your time.

It is my desire for you to call all parts of yourself home, come to know and trust the ways your intuition speaks to you and become your most fullest expressed self. Everything I do is created with this highest intention in mind. For I want that for myself too.

I offer myself of service to you in a number of ways as an Artist:

by collaborating on a Commissioned piece of art that reflects your true essence and reveals your innate wisdom to take you to your next level,

OR creating a unique High Vibe piece of art LIVE at your special event,

OR purchasing a unique piece of art you feel deeply connected to from my Gallery,

OR as Guide on your souls adventure, by joining other Soul Sisters in my Creative Womens Circle.

Together we are powerful.  

Let’s play!  Kx