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Ready to Receive

Ready to Receive



"May this painting remind you to energetically align yourself with your desires and let go of the how.

As a human being you can turn to the infinite well of potential inside of you - the truth of who you are - the endure and ovwrcome, envision and create

Your work is to tune yourself crystal clear.

It's a decision. A practise. A journey."

Radiating a calming energy, it invites viewers to bask in a moment of tranquilly and inner peace. Its serene landscape, infused with gentle pastel tones and soft brushstrokes, serves as a serene sanctuary, transporting viewers to a world of harmony and stillness.

60 x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Let's Create Magic Together!

Hello, Creative Soul! I'm here to support and uplift you on this inspiring journey of art and self-discovery. Share your dreams and aspirations with me, and let me channel a bespoke artwork that celebrates the beauty of your soul or an artistic experience to unleash your inner artist.

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