Divine Love

Divine Love


This intuitive piece of abstract spiritual art evolved through a chakra journey leading me back to wholeness within. On completion I received this message and the title for this powerful artwork :

"May this painting remind you that you are love. That you are deserving of unconditional love just for being born. That you have infinite supply of love to give unconditionally, starting with yourself.

May you feel a deeper love for yourself every time you are in the presence of this painting. She is calling you to remember to love yourself no matter what.

We cannot heal that which we do not love. Love your pain, love your mistakes, your failures, your darkness - you are human!

In loving all part of you, you naturally come back to the light, the peace, the joy.

From here you have the power to create change in your life, the lives of others and the world."

100 x 100 cm

Acrylic on deep edge canvas

Ready to hang. 

Professional framing options available.

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