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Kellie Ahl
My journey

At the age of 22, my world was shattered by my father's death in a horrific industrial accident. Feeling lost and unsafe, I grappled with the task of processing the trauma and overwhelming emotions of grief. In my quest for healing, I explored different ways to cope such as yoga, meditation and personal development strategies but a decade later, despite a seemingly happy family life, I felt isolated, depressed and anxious. I discovered that I had been using these coping methods to bypass and suppress the full extent of my pain. My journey eventually led me back to art, where I found solace and inner strength through the expression of my true emotions. This process became the gateway to my soul’s (re)awakening and initiation with the divine feminine, deepening my connection to life. My paintings now carry the energy of this profound transformation and the frequency of unconditional love, offering healing, guidance and soul activation.

Let's Create Magic Together!

Hello, Creative Soul! I'm here to support and uplift you on this inspiring journey of art and self-discovery. Share your dreams and aspirations with me, and let me channel a bespoke artwork that celebrates the beauty of your soul or an artistic experience to unleash your inner artist.

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