The Intuitive Painting Workshop

One of the greatest senses of achievement comes through creative expression

Have you ever had an urge to just go buy a set of paints and a canvas and just paint….Even though you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body?

Are you inspired by beautiful artwork, and have a secret desire to be a great painter?

Do you feel a craving to be creative and don’t know what to do with it, how to channel it?

All of these are great places to begin to learn to paint from an intuitive perspective This very unique and special workshops are for anyone who:

  • has a soul urge inside to just make something
  • has deep DESIRE to paint but no idea how to do it, don’t think they’re good at it but are CURIOUS to give it a try
  • who have painted before but are seeking HOW to find more INSPIRATION and CREATIVITY 
  • want to paint something special as a gift for someone 
  • want a piece of their own art in their home

I’ll be showing you how to paint your feelings, dreams and ideas and all that encompasses your intuition In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the exact ways to tap into the infinite well of inspiration that exists all around you.
  • Discover tools to use to really FEEL your emotions and then express them on the canvas.
  • Discover that despite your beliefs and past experiences you ARE creative you CAN paint.
  • Designing a daily practice to help you become more artistic and creative.
  • You will come home to yourself and see and feel your own creativity.
  • VENUE: The Art Shed, Westmill Farm, Ware, SG13 0ES 
  • DATES: Register your interest at for available dates. These workshops are run on a monthly basis, come along to one or as many as you wish.