It is my belief that my artwork can move you to connect with your body and your emotions, your essence, your truth, your deepest desires and to uplift and inspire you to reach your full potential.

My personal artwork is an ever-unfolding journal of my soul’s adventures. Each piece is a journey of a very real, felt experience.  

I have come to understand that I am here to learn to feel my experiences in my body and allow this wisdom to be my guide.  

My art, perhaps all art, has the power to help people feel; to connect them with parts of themselves they are blind to or suppress or to their potential and desires.

In moving from the confines of my realistic and illustrative artistic roots into a more intuitive painting process, I get to play moving beyond my limiting beliefs and my mind’s need for predetermined outcomes and allow freedom to come forth.

Nature has always been one of my greatest sources of inspiration but now I utilise its energy as a gateway to connecting with my intuition, the unknown, the unexplored within. It connects me to my inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Universe. It is a portal to my soul.

Paint is the language of my body and soul. It is my way to commune with her sensations, her emotions, her experiences and her deepest desires and communicate that to the world. We all crave to be understood and accepted for who we are.

For me, words cannot access the depths of these truths that painting can. It has the power to unlock the unseen, the unheard, the unexpressed and call forth their wisdom.

My paintings reveal this wisdom; their medicine and magic, through both the process of their creation and by living with the finished artwork.