Dear Sister, I know you. I see you. I feel you. You’re searching.

You’re longing to know yourself more deeply and discover what your really want.

You’re craving connection with other like-minded women.

You desire to be seen; to be heard; to be felt for who you truly are not the labels that try to define you.

You want to feel fully expressed, liberated and free to explore your purpose.

But you feel stuck. Perhaps even trapped, unsure or afraid of how to move forward.

I hear you.

Your call is my call.

And I am responding.

Born from my craving for deep connection, communion, community and creativity, I am gathering an intimate group of women to create soul-nourishment and magic together!

Come! Come with me as we embark on a journey together.

I will guide you to discover,uncover, who you really are.

Let us harness the energy of each season and nature’s cycles and through a process of movement, meditation and art spend a blissful day cleansing our souls and awakening to what’s possible.

Let us create a safe space to be vulnerable so to allow for our deepest healing to occur from which we can awaken to our fullest and brightest self.

Let us be brave enough to be honest and to hear the truth of each other so we can grow a nurturing Sisterhood within our circle.

Let us express our awakenings through our bodies.

Let us paint and create a personal piece of art that is a visual representation of our essence,intentions and desires for the season ahead.

his whole experience will be an adventure! It will be fun. It will open you up and make you go deeper within yourself and bring you community and connection.

My wish for each woman in this circle is that you; come to know yourself and be in harmony with your spirit; you feel fully expressed, seen, heard and felt; you leave feeling nurtured,nourished and whole; you feel deeply connected to your painting which will not only serve as a reminder of your experience but a fundamental part of your healing and evolution over the coming months as you come to understand its magic as it reveals its wisdom to you over time.

There will be also be personally selected and bespoke hand made gifts for each circle member.A seasonal plant-based meal, snacks and refreshments are included and all art materials are supplied.*

*first canvas every year is included with additional canvases at cost.


We use the energy of the seasons, moon cycles and natural to discover and deepen our connection to self, our Divinity as a woman.

We learn to connect and follow our intuition. We will come to trust in it and in doing so trust ourselves and the Universe. Come to this special unique experience and Sisterhood to express yourself fully and plan your next 3 months through intention. Create a painting of deep meaning to you. Create magic together.