Dear Beautiful Soul.

I see you. I feel you. I know you.

We are deeply connected through time and space and that energy is tangible to me.


I see it. I feel it.

I embody it and translate that through paint.

I am your channel but I need you too.

The exchange of energy between us is my greatest source of inspiration. This is why your painting is a collaborative experience. Without you, at this time, at this point on your journey it simply wouldn’t come to exist as it will.

By using the alchemy of my intuition, discovering what you need and what your room wants, by utilising colour therapy and interior design, I channel your soul’s imprint into a piece of bespoke art.Art that is unique and personal to you. It will tell of your desires, your dreams, your journey to date and of the lessons to come for your soul’s expansion.

Expressionist and abstract in style, your painting will contain a powerful message in a language that only your soul will know. Its true wisdom will reveal itself to you over time as you connect more deeply with your painting in your space.

It is my desire to create art that will energise your physical space. By collaborating in the creation of this artwork you are adding the stamp of your spirit to your home. I can express your deepest desires, your feelings, emotions, creative expression; who you really are.

Let me be your channel, your alchemist.

Let’s make a magic together!


You will receive

*  An original painting / mixed media artwork on gallery quality canvas of a size of your choosing.

* A written piece and/or audio of the messages I receive through the painting process which will reveal our soul’s truths and guidance. 

* A guide on how to commune and work with your painting. How to deepen your connection to your painting and therefore your soul’s purpose.

Feel its wisdom and receive its magic


This is Your Soul’s Imprint


Please email me for more details at


From Kellie:

“I always like to connect with the person and hear about what you’re looking for and your soul’s desires because. Having a piece of commissioned art created in this way is a deeply personal experience. So it is really important for me to understand what you desire to create. It’s a Soul to Soul experience”.

Kellie Ahl, Artist.



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